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ArtSelf Expressions was founded with two foundational beliefs:  That everyone has been created with a spark of unique creativity; you do not need to have a formal art education to discover your own individual creative style or to have fun playing with paint to create something beautiful.  Secondly, when people gather together to share in a new art experience, relationships are cultivated and community is strengthened: family, friends, and co-workers make lasting memories together, new friendships are made, and local businesses host new customers.

With this in mind, ArtSelf Expressions teaches fun and easy classes with simple step-by-step painting techniques that allows each guest to experiment with their own style and design twists, allowing each person to unleash their hidden creativity and feel confident in their discovery!   Held in various fun local venues, with a little food, wine and music; everyone's an artist!






Devoted to crafting and teaching, Cindy grew up at the craft tables of her mother, grandmother and aunt, where she learned from a young age the joy of making things with paper, glue, glitter, paint, yarn, fabric and thread.  Enjoying relationship and crafting together, since kindergarten she has invited girlfriends over to paint or sew, teaching them what she had learned.  As a budding entrepreneur in the '80s, she started her own cake decorating business, a sewing alterations business, a costume design business, and was a teaching consultant with Creative Circle.  

Cindy graduated from The University of Toledo with marketing, management, and accounting degrees, all of which has helped her pursue her dream of designing and leading instructional guided-art classes.  In addition to ArtSelf Expressions, Cindy works as the Marketing Director and class instructor for The Scrapbook Korner in Archbold, Ohio where she continues to draw people's attention to beautiful handmade art projects and encourages and instructs them how to re-create them with their own unique flair!