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Wood Daisy Welcome Painting Class
Whiskey Wine & Roses, Ft. Jennings, OH
Tuesday, June 11th
6:00pm - 8:30pm

Something new!  Perfect for spring on the front porch, in the foyer, at work, or at the cottage! So pretty and easy to design in any color combination to match your decor!  We have 5 designs for you to choose from, as well as every color to match your decor!  Stencils make it EASY, step-by-step instructions make it SIMPLE, and painting with friends make it FUN!  No previous painting or drawing experience necessary!  All supplies are provided!  

*Note - we are using new, clean, heat-treated wood; suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Size is 11 x 48 for both the 3-pallet sign or the 1-board plank sign

$50.00 per person

Graphic stencils available:

Advance pre-paid reservations required.
Purchase reservations at

Or by calling Cindy at  (419) 572-0796

MUST CALL for multiple reservations.
If you would like to reserve 3 or more seats together, please call Cindy at (419) 572-0796 and she will take your group's order by phone so we can make reserved seating arrangements for your party.  We want you to be able to all sit together and have a great time!

Doors open at 5:00pm.  Wine, beer, bar and appetizer menus available and sold separately.   Arrive early and grab a bite to eat before class starts!