Plank Serving Tray or Round Mandala Tray/Lazy Susan or HOME Sign Painting Class

Judy Brubaker's Cottage
Saturday, June 29th
10:00am - 12:00pm

Stencils make these serving trays FUN and EASY, and you can choose from 30+ colors to match your decor. We have a total of 14 different designs for you to mix and match to create a tray that YOU design using either the rectangular plank trays, round trays, or lazy susan!  We're also offering our new HOME sign, with lots of options to personalize your sign!  No previous painting experience or drawing skills necessary. This class was designed for BEGINNERS!  All supplies are provided. 

$45 per plank tray with 2 handles

$50 per round tray with 2 handles

$55 per round lazy susan

$60 per lazy susan with handles

$45 per HOME sign

Plank Tray Stencil Options: (can also be used on Round Trays EXCEPT Birds in the Trees)
First I drink the COFFEE, then I do the things
Wreath with Initial
Script last name and Block Initial
Team Logo
Red Rooster
Birds in the Trees

Mandala Stencil Options:

Mandala 1

Mandala 2

Mandala 3

Mandala 4

Mandala 5

Mandala 6

HOME Sign Stencil Options:

Any State (Please specify)

Any Logo (Please specify)

State of Ohio

Farm Animal (chicken, pig, horse, cow, sheep - please specify)

Farm Tractor

Farm Windmill

Paw Print 

Deer Antlers


Reservations available now at:  

Or by caling (419) 572-0796